Gestational Diabetes And Breastfeeding

Jovandaric MZ
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Diet and lifestyle of mother during pregnancy as well as lactation have long-term effect on child’s health and development. Detection of early risk markers of adult age chronic diseases which begin during prenatal life and appliance of complex nutritional interventions at the right time may reduce the risk of these diseases

Key words: gestational diabetes; health; breast-feeding


Priority of current studies is to discover mechanisms by which epigenetic modification prolongs effects of environmental influences in early childhood and provides a long lasting response to transient stimulus-modifies gene expression and phenotype in adult age [1].Thus, nutrition in pre-and postnatal period programs health in adulthood [2].

Adverse intrauterine environment in pregnancy complicated with diabetes has long-term consequences to the offspring of diabetes mothers because of epigenetic mechanism effects. [3] Optimal control of pregnant women`s glycaemia can reduce the adverse conseguences of pregnancy complicated with diabetes because the glucose level and perinatal outcome are a continuum [4]. Children of diabetic mothers are at greater risk of obesity, diabetes type 1 and 2, hypertension, lipid changes, albuminuria in preadolescent age and adulthood [5].Mental and motor deficit and attention and behavioral disorders are much more common in offspring of diabetes mothers[6,7].

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Clinical Case Reports, Research & Trials

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