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The skin is the biggest organ of the body and it’s the external protective coat for human beings, and dermatology covers broad diverse areas I will name them shortly. The clean bright skin represents a sign of beauty, sensual appeal and ultimate seduction.

The skin act as a defense mechanism for the body and can be compromised in many conditions, whether injuries or genetic issues.

Skin specialty can vary from basic dermatology to many more and it can encompass namely, infectious dermatology, HIV related dermatology, tropical dermatology, connective tissue and vascular dermatology, immunodermatology, allergology, occupational and environmental dermatology, sexual and genitourinary medicine, photodermatology, phototherapy, pediatric and geriatric dermatology, psychodermatology, dermatopathology, surgical and procedural dermatology, dermatoscopy, and trichoscopy, dermatooncology, pigmentatory dermatology and recently which booming powerfully, the aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology.

In the last few years, aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology surfaced on strongly and gained more popularity with recognition and became a new catchy trend for many physicians. It is about to harness

science, art and aesthetic. It deals and suits every skin concern, condition and needs, tailored accordingly to clients liking and modalities and in many instances a combination treatments can be given to achieve a significant appealing with lust outcomes.

Nowadays it is vital to feel confident, self assured and self content about the general looks. Face and beauty is always appealing for any condition and thus women mostly are looking and seeking for that transformation to keep perfect and youthful.

Over the recent years, demands for medical cosmetic procedures have growing by leaps and bounds, with an immense potential. It has been noticed that the number of patients who is receiving cosmetic has risen. The main reason that we are open to the external world, and many explored that numerous clients are copying celebrity experience and to emulate the appearance of their favorite idol. In fact, some of them would bring in a celebrity figure to copy it and have the same look at them and we know many examples already.

Now ladies and some men are taking multiple selfie to notice and spot any minor odds and imperfections on their faces and to compare to their peers in their mobile applications such as instagram and social medias.

Women and men nowadays- becoming more concerned, mindful and conscious, to look their best way – in the impossible quest with the possible available ways.

These days the perception of keeping youth and combating aging signs is an issue to many to challenge. It is advocated all around about the anti-aging and the attainable non surgical beautiful skin and face at the lunch break. Moreover, the presumption of the preventative Botox is taking a popular intake by many women including men to counteract wrinkles and define a square jaw at younger ages, and its number one on the cosmetics intake. Botox is however, well researched extensively and proven scientifically safe and effective. It has many applications, as to decline scalp sweating, front lines, hands, soles and armpits, under breasts and butt sweating as it works directly on the sweat gland and relax it. It also correct the fine line before developing on the face, and correct the droopy nose tip (nose ptosis), bunny lines, fix brow asymmetry, gummy smile, decline skin oiliness, and pores size, and the list keep goes on and on. Botox is simple with super impressive results. However some overdo it and end up like a doll. Whereas, some do need micro injections for fine line to leave it smooth and to combat its progressions and it has nothing to do with age as the general concept is. Botox is about relaxing muscles and not paralyzing them as some think.

The second cosmetics intake was found to be the dermal filler. The general take is that all want to be with a contoured plumped cheeks, big pouty lips, and thick raised tattooed eyebrows. However many have advised about the subtle augmentation to keep the volume of the face appealing and pleasing. Conversely many go for the extreme augmentation which throws off the proportions of the face and will draw the eyes to the treated area automatically. Having that said the rest of the face and the untreated area will appear undervolumised, when in fact they really may not be, and thus an overemphasis outlook. The imbalance in volume would disrupt the natural proportions of the face and could provoke a false perception. Moreover when it comes to lip filler, the general take is that the lower lips should be more a bit larger than the upper to convey the natural beauty. Some might favour defining lips by outlining it only and some want larger lips as the “air in the tire” to have the fuller lips.

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